First Ride out!

First Ride out!

There was from multiple falls, to flat tires, to rain! Epic ride with new friends! 
End up having great breakfast at 2 in the afternoon! 

Amazing shots from Donny Sosa ! 

Our Journey begun in La Misión, Baja California and finished in Valle de Guadalupe (Mexico's famous winery country) 

The crew


This Epic ride took us to through the mountains north of ensenada, where we could find ourselves lost in nature and the rumbling of our motors! 

Before we started our adventurous ride, we had a group briefing by Javier I. who went over details like skill level for some parts of the route and he pointed out some spots where we could enjoy the area and take a good break. 

We started going trough some local ranches and farms until we deepen in the heart of the mountains around. We started climbing our way up, and as we did, crazy Donny and Jay would pass us like lightning to go far ahead to stop and take cool shots of us,. We were either making a big cloud of dust or doing some cool jumping! 

After a few curves and turns and ups and downs, we had our first flat! Our Motoista Caro pinched her back tire, and all the boys jumped in to help get her tire fix. Luckily they all came well prepared.

After finding the " sucker hole", they started pumping air to the rear, only to discover they had only not fixed it, but created a whole new hole! We had a loud laugh at that ! that's for sure. Once fixed, we got on to our engines and drove off again to the wondering adventurous road.


Getting to a pretty cool pit stop to get some water and snacks, we had to pass by a small river creek, I unfortunate miscalculated the speed and had a small drop! The red Scambie was totally fine. soil was soft! I guess I got too excited by how pretty this place looked! We all got our cool photos!


Shortly after that Rick and Nacho went off to goof around to a very rocky and steep hill. After some time that they would not return, we all went back to look for them, and they for sure where having rough time coming back around, Specially with the big monster bikes they were ridding. But isn't that all about, having fun ?


We were definitely ready for that big breakfast! It was about noon, and we had been ridding under the sun at 40 degrees celsius for almost 2 hours. it was a hot summer day! and baam! Nacho friend got stucK! and everybody kept going thinking we were behind! Nacho and I tried for the next 20 minutes or more, to get the monster tiger out! It was very exhausting and we were both tired and started to get overheated! We had to sit down for a little bit until, rick came out of nowhere to help us out! 

Regrouped and ready to go to finally to eat, more like.... lunch, by that time; Javi skids and falls!! all we could hear him say after: " Im HUNGRY! We all laughed ! 

Finished the day with some refreshing and out of nowhere rain, at one of Valle de guadalupe places to have breakfast/lunch, got some beer in hand and lots of limonada and we cheered for such a cool ride, and for the new friends this trip has brought together! 



JAY R.  -HONDA XR 650 
RICK T. -KTM 790
MARK B. -DZR 650

Photography : 

Dony Sossa 
Baja Scramblers


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