About Baja Scramblers

We are a women made brand, inspired by empowering women such as Jessi Combs, Noraly (Itchy Boots), Vanessa Ruck ( theGirlonabike), Kinga Tanajewska (On her bike), Eva Rupert, Carolyn (Doodle on a motorcycle) , Fernanda.4ever, Daniespinozacid, Vicki Golden, our friend Caro Dan ( masmotoacademia)  from Motoistas Social Club, Sandra Gomez! ...and so many amazing women out there... Just to mention some!  We could not finish the list ever. 

 We want to share our stories that are full of great adventures and a community that is like family.  Taking Baja-México as our playground, we are creating memories and
new friends along the way. 


Parts from the standing point of women in a mens world. 
In these stories, women are the main character . Inspiring other women to not be afraid of chasing their dreams. Wether it's riding motorcycles or not. 

We are looking for more women to join this crazy adventure! We ride with pride of being women, we invite you to ride like we do! 

To share stories and make new friends! To feel free ! To ride like a girl !